Installing the Server Certificate

In this section, as server administrator, you install the server certificate on the server so that remote Web users can request it. To install a certificate, you store the certificate and the key file in a folder accessible to your server software.

  1. Edit the new HTTPS Echo listener, under Communications Process 1, click HTTPS Echo.
  2. Click TLS SETTINGS.

    This expands the TLS Settings.

  3. Check Enable TLS.
  4. In the Certificate File field, type the full path of your certificate.
  5. In the Keyfile field, type the full path to the private key.

    By default, these are srvcert.pem and srvkey.pem, and are installed in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\DemoCA.

  6. Click APPLY.
Note: Do not set the http-echo conversation type to use in production. It is intended for connection testing only.