mfhco and cobmfhco import commands


Tip: Use the UNIX version of this tool to import on a UNIX server that is accessed remotely via a Windows client.


mfhco import db=databasename tbl=tablename file=filename [fmt=format] 
    [log=logfile] [chardel=chardelimiter] [coldel=coldelimiter] 
        [date=dateformat] [plus=sign] [savedel=delfilename]
            [id=logon pass=password] [commit=rowcount]


cobmfhco import db=databasename tbl=tablename file=filename [fmt=format] 
    [log=logfile] [chardel=chardelimiter] [coldel=coldelimiter] 
        [date=dateformat] [plus=sign] [savedel=delfilename]
            [id=logon pass=password] [commit=rowcount]

Syntax Rules

  1. At least one space must occur before each parameter in the command.
  2. There must be an equal sign (=) between parameters and their values.
  3. If you omit parameters that have a default value, Host Compatibility Option uses the default value.


import Invokes the Import Data command-line processor. This parameter is positional.
databasename Name of the database to import to.
tablename Name of table to be imported. You can specify both the schema and the table name, separated with a period.
filename Filename to import data from.
format Format to import data. Valid values are IXF, DEL, and DSNTIAUL. You can use DSN for DSNTIAUL.
logfile File to write processing messages to. If this parameter is not specified, a logfile is created in the current directory. In Windows environments, the default logfile name is based on the project name. .
chardelimiter Delimiter used to enclose character data when import format is DEL specified. Default is double quotes (").
coldelimiter Delimiter used to indicate the end of column data when import format DEL is specified. Default is comma (,).
dateformat Format to import date fields in if importing data in DSNTIAUL or DEL format. Default is the format for your country. Valid values for DSNTIAUL are ISO, USA, EUR, and JIS. ISO is only valid option for DEL format.
sign Generate positive numeric data with plus signs when importing data in DEL format. Valid values are "Y" for yes to generate plus signs or "N" to not generate plus signs. Default is "Y".
savedel Save DSNTIAUL as an ASCII-delimited file that can be used to import large amounts of data via a third-party tool.
delfilename Filename of the ASCII-delimited file.
logon The logon ID for the database server.
pass The password for the database server.
rowcount The number of rows per commit.


The Import Data tool can also be run as a batch function.



mfhco import db=db2demo fmt=dsn tbl=demo.product file=product.dsn chardel=' log=import.log commit=1000


cobmfhco import db=db2demo fmt=dsn tbl=demo.product file=product.dsn chardel=' log=import.log