Status Codes Returned by the MVS Server

Table 1. File Status Codes Returned by the MVS Server
Status Code Description
0/0 The MVS server returns a status of 0/0 when writing a record to an indexed file which results in two or more records with identical keys. Both IBM VS COBOL II batch processing and Micro Focus COBOL return a status of 0/2 when such a condition arises.
0/5 A file status 0/5 indicates an open operation was successful, but the file is empty. A file status of 0/5 is returned in some cases where IBM VS COBOL II returns a status of 0/0 and in other cases where IBM VS COBOL II returns a status of 3/5. See the appendix File Status Comparisons for some examples of the conditions under which this status code is returned during open processing.
4/3 A status code of 4/3 is returned if an attempt is made to delete a VSAM record via an alternate index, if another record in that file contains the same key as the record being deleted.
4/6 If an I/O operation is attempted which requires a previous I/O operation to have set the current record pointer, and the previous I/O operation failed, a file status of 4/6 is returned. It is also issued if the MVS server loses track of the current record position, probably due to an invalid sequence of I/O statements.
9/100 A file status of 9/100 is returned if the MVS server receives an operation code that it does not support. This status is also returned when the server attempts to execute a command at a time when that command is invalid. In this case, the operation code received by the server was valid, but the I/O operation was invalid given the type of operation requested and the nature of the previous I/O operations executed for the file.
9/125 A status code of 9/125 will be returned when the maximum number of concurrent Users has been exceeded.
9/242 The requested function or component has not been licensed.