What is Mainframe Subsystem Support?

Mainframe Subsystem Support (MSS) enables you to maintain and run CICS, IMS and JCL applications. These applications have been migrated from the mainframe and now run under Enterprise Server on Windows or UNIX.

You use Enterprise Developer for maintaining your CICS, IMS and JCL applications. If you are working with CICS, you can edit and compile BMS maps, and also compile the CICS programs, using the Micro Focus CICS preprocessor, which translates the CICS commands into native code. If you are working with IMS, you can edit and generate your DBDs, MFSs and PSBs, and compile your IMS programs. If you are working with JCL, you can edit and create JCL, and build projects containing the programs that the JCL references. When the application is ready to run, you then deploy it to Enterprise Server.

You use Enterprise Server for running your CICS, IMS and JCL applications, for testing and for production use. Enterprise Server also provides facilities for monitoring and controlling your applications and for other tasks such as maintaining CICS resource definitions and viewing the system catalog and spool queues.