Terminal Emulation

The user interface to CICS and IMS applications from the PC is often through 3270 terminal emulators. The 3270 terminal emulators enable the CICS and IMS applications to display input and output screens on the PC using 3270 data streams and to receive input from the PC. It is intended for programs that use BMS or build 3270 data streams. Emulation is provided for 3270 models 2 through 5.

We recommend that you use a Telnet 3270 (TN3270) client such as Micro Focus Rumba+ Desktop. The keyboard mapping and support for character level attributes is a property of the third-party TN3270 client you choose.

When you start a 3270 terminal emulator, it is separate from the enterprise server that runs the CICS or IMS application. Terminals do not need to be predefined. This means terminal emulation characteristics can be specified at terminal startup.

Enterprise Server needs to have a listener for requests from 3270 terminal emulators. You add this as part of configuring the enterprise server that will run your CICS or IMS application.