About Panvalet

With Panvalet, all source members are managed as fixed length records. The default size is the historical card image of 80 bytes. Panvalet may be used to manage any fixed-length data up to 4096 characters in length.

Panvalet provides licensed users with programmable access to their repository services via the PAM API. This is a read-only interface which permits multiple concurrent access for Mainframe Access threads to browse source members residing in Panvalet repositories. During Server initialization, Mainframe Access attempts to load this interface into memory. If this API interface is available through the standard search order (STEPLIB, JOBLIB, or SYS1.LINKLIB at the customer site) then Panvalet services are offered. Startup initialization messages indicate if Panvalet is available.

It is a customer responsibility to provide a suitable STEPLIB concatenation which enables selection of the desired release and version of the Panvalet components. At most sites, PANVALET is installed as an MVS Subsystem. Therefore the API is available within SYS1.LINKLIB. No override would be necessary unless a new version is being tested.


The following messages are typical of the information written to the SYSLOG during Mainframe Access startup:

       MFM0063I: MFA Direct is active
       MFM0064I: MFA Direct number of processing tasks is 5
       MFMDS051I CA/LIBrarian Ready
       MFMDS052I CA/PanValet Ready
       MFMDS053I CA/ENDEVOR API 39 Ready
       MFMDS055I MCG/RPC feature active
       MFMDS001I DSS Server Ready
       MFM0001I: Mainframe Access V6.00    (04000000) is active

For source additions or updates under Panvalet, Mainframe Access must invoke the standard Panvalet batch utility PAN#1. Access to this utility is serialized, since Panvalet does not support multiple, concurrent access to this service. In some cases, you may have renamed the Batch Update utility PAN#1. If this is the case, the new name at this site must be defined to Mainframe Access as a parameter override.