AppMaster Builder Support using APS Components

ChangeMan contains an optional feature for managing APS file types in a ChangeMan application. This support is incompatible with the AppMaster Builder support for APS components as provided by Micro Focus as it does not allow you to over-ride the Build procedures to invoke the AppMaster Builder Generation process.

As a result, when configuring ChangeMan for use with applications and packages used by AppMaster Builder, ChangeMan Administration should not configure the file types using the Selectable Option column, as shown in the following screen shot from the ChangeMan Administration Panels under TSO:

--------------------- WAC4 - LIBRARY TYPES PART 1 OF 2 ----------- Row 1 of 65
 COMMAND ===>                                                  SCROLL ===> PAGE

 Enter END command to save changes or CANCEL to exit.
 Enter * in line command field for global staging libraries selection list.

      LIB                                               LIKE  DEFER TARGET SEL.
      TYPE DESCRIPTION                               (S/C/L/P)(Y/N)  TYPE  OPT.
 '''' COB  Cobol_______________________________________  S     Y     LOD   __
 '''' CPY  Copy Books__________________________________  C     Y     ___   __
 '''' JCL  Job Control Language________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' CTC  Control cards_______________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' LOD  Load Library________________________________  L     Y     ___   __
 '''' ACI  APS COBCICS_________________________________  S     Y     LCI   __
 '''' ACN  APS APSCNTL_________________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' ADA  APS APSDATA_________________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' ADE  APS APSDE___________________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' ADG  APS COBDLG__________________________________  S     Y     LDG   __
 '''' AEX  APS APSEXPS_________________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' AFE  APS APSSCFE_________________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' AID  APS COBIDMS_________________________________  S     Y     LOD   __
 '''' AIM  APS COBIMS__________________________________  S     Y     LIM   __
 '''' AIO  APS APSCNIO_________________________________  P     Y     LOD   __
 '''' AIS  APS COBISPF_________________________________  S     Y     LOD   __
 '''' AMA  APS APSMACS_________________________________  C     N     ___   __
 '''' AMS  APS AMSERV__________________________________  P     Y     ___   __
 '''' AMV  APS COBMVS__________________________________  S     Y     LOD