Setting the XDB Preprocessor and Compiler Directive Options

You can specify the XDB preprocessor and its directive options using any of the following methods:
In your Enterprise Developer Project
Before compiling from within Enterprise Developer:
  1. Open your project properties and click the SQL tab.
  2. From the ESQL Preprocessor drop-down list, select XDB.
  3. To add a directive, select a directive from the Available Directives list.
  4. If required, provide details using the controls under Directive Details.
  5. Click OK. The directive is added to the Directives list, and the appropriate preprocessor syntax is added to the SQL Directives field.
  6. Repeat this procedure to add additional directives.
On the Command Line
Use the XDB compiler directive, followed by optional preprocessor options:

Where XDBdirOpts is one or more additional directive options, each separated by a space.

In a Directives File
You can include XDB preprocessor directives in the cobol.dir system-wide directives file, a user directives file, or both. See System-wide Directives File, cobol.dir and User Directives File for details.
Embedded in a Program
You can also specify the XDB preprocessor and compiler directive options on the program level by embedding a $SET statement into the program itself starting in column 1 on the first line of the program:

Where XDBdirOpts is one or more directive options, each separated by a space.

Important: Use this method only when the program requires a preprocessor different from other programs in an application.