Debug the ACCT Application

Walks you through the steps required to set Enterprise Server and debug options in Visual Studio; then debug the ACCT transaction from Visual Studio.

Set debug options

  1. In the Solution Explorer, double-click the Properties folder.
  2. Click the Debug tab.
  3. Ensure Launch is set to CICS.
  4. Type ACCT in the Transaction field.
  5. Click File > Save All.

Debug the ACCT transaction

  1. Click Debug > Start Debugging.

    This starts the ESACCT enterprise server region automatically, and loads CICS into the Mainframe TN3270 Display.

  2. In Rumba+ Desktop press Ctrl+Shift+Z to clear the screen.
  3. Enter ACCT to run the application.

    In Visual Studio, the debugger stops the execution of the process and positions the cursor in the Procedure Division of the ACCT00.cbl file.

  4. Step through the application in the usual manner.
  5. To stop debugging, click Debug > Stop Debugging.
  6. To stop the server, right-click ESACCT in the Server Explorer, and click Stop.

This concludes the tutorial.