Generating a SQL CLR Stored Procedure Query

Microsoft provides tools to create, edit, and test SQL CLR stored procedures. It is then the task of the programmer to generate the code to invoke SQL CLR stored procedures from a COBOL client program. The OpenESQL Assistant makes this process easier.

When using Microsoft SQL Server data sources, you have the option to use OpenESQL Assistant to generate the query as a SQL CLR stored procedure. OpenESQL Assistant generates both the SQL statements to create a SQL CLR stored procedure and the client code to invoke it.

OpenESQL Assistant generates the entire SQL CLR stored procedure COBOL program in a SQL CLR Project. You can easily add the generated program to a COBOL SQL CLR Database project. If you decide to modify the query later, OpenESQL Assistant gives you the option to replace the program in the project by just re-building the query using the same SQL CLR stored procedure name.

OpenESQL Assistant also generates the code that goes into the client program and invokes the SQL CLR stored procedure. You can select code that calls a SQL CLR stored procedure from the Auxiliary Code tab when building the stored procedure query.