CWS Resources

Describes the ESMAC resources you need to define in each enterprise server region that runs a CICS Web service.
Note: For complete information on each resource, see the Resources section under Enterprise Server Monitor and Control in this documentation.
Add a PIPELINE resource for CICS provider and requester applications for SOAP, and CICS provider applications for JSON. A PIPELINE defines information about the handler programs that are invoked during the processing of request and response messages. This information is provided by the XML file you specify as the PIPELINE's CONFIGFILE attribute. A single PIPELINE is often used by multiple services.

For both provider and requester applications, the PIPELINE installation processes generates and installs a WEBSERVICE resource for each WSBIND file found in the location specified by the WSDIR attribute. For provider-only applications, the installation process also dynamically generates a URIMAP resource that identifies which PIPELINE to use.

Note: CICS requester applications for JSON use the linkable interface instead of the PIPELINE resource.
  • The set of handler programs that operate on the request and response messages via the PIPELINE.
  • The WSBIND file used to transform messages between SOAP/JSON and COBOL.
  • A Web service description (as in a WSDL file). This is ignored at run time because run-time validation against the Web service description is not supported.

You can create a WEBSERVICE resource from scratch; however, this is often unnecessary as WEBSERVICE resources are dynamically generated and installed by the PIPELINE installation process when the WSBIND file for the service is in the directory specified by the PIPELINE's WSDIR attribute.

Note: CICS requester applications for JSON use the linkable interface instead of the WEBSERVICE resource.
In the context of a CICS Web service, you should set the URIMAP USAGE value to PIPELINE. This associates incoming messages with a PIPELINE and a WEBSERVICE.
The BUNDLE resource applies only to CICS requester applications that use the JSON linkable interface (JSONTRANSFRM bundle), which includes a JSBINE file that provides information required by JSON requester applications at runtime to map between application data and JSON messages.
Note: BUNDLE can also be used for XSDBIND files that have been generated on the mainframe for use on CICS TRANSFORM commands. Enterprise Developer does not generate XSDBIND files.