Upgrading .NET Core project files from versions of Enterprise Developer before 7.0

You cannot use dotnet commands to work with .NET Core projects that were created using a version of Enterprise Developer before 7.0. Instead, you can either continue to use such projects using the Visual Studio IDE and the msbuild command, or upgrade them in order to be able to use the dotnet commands.

To upgrade a pre-7.0 project file so that you can use the project with dotnet commands you need to do the following:

  1. Modify the project (.cblproj) file as follows:
    1. Change the first line from:
      <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">
      <Project Sdk="MicroFocus.Sdk"
    2. Delete the two lines that start with the following:
  2. Create a global.json file in the project folder to define the version of the Micro Focus project SDK to use. For example:
        "msbuild-sdks": {
            "MicroFocus.Sdk": "1.0.16"

    For more information on modifying your .cblproj and global.json files to do this, see Microsoft: How to: Use MSBuild project SDKs.