Scope - HCOSS SQL Compiler Directive Options

Important: If you want to run your application under Enterprise Server using the generic one-phase commit switch module for ODBC or the RM switch module for SQL Server, you must recompile the appropriate RM switch module specifying all OpenESQL directives that are defined as process-based. See Using XA-compliant Resources (XARs) for more information.

For a list of process-based OpenESQL directives, see Scope - OpenESQL SQL Compiler Directive Options.

Each HCOSS SQL compiler directive option is used either at compile time, run time, or both. The behavior at run time is described as Source file, meaning that when a source file specifies the directive, the value set in the source file is used.

For additional information on the scope of each HCOSS SQL compiler directive option, see its corresponding Reference topic.