The Trace File

You can view or print the GTF trace file using any ASCII-compatible editor or word processor. The file begins with the GTF options used to generate the file and the date and time the trace started. The last line of the file shows the date and time the trace ended. If this line is not present, the trace is probably incomplete because it was not closed properly. This can happen if you are running an interactive debugging session using the Assembler debugger with the Generalized Trace Facility turned on, and an unrecoverable error occurs. To ensure that the GTF trace file is complete, you must allow the debugging session to end without being forced: press S(tep) or G(o) to record the program exception on the trace file and then stop the debugging session.

In between the information at the beginning of the file and the last line are individual trace records. Each of these includes the following items of information:

The program name and entry for LOAD, DELETE, or LINK
The DCB, ACB, or DTF control block address
Length and address of memory allocated or deallocated