Interface Fields

Describes the interface fields created from CICS screen, IMS screen, or COMMAREA source fields.

In the Interface Fields pane, you define the details of each field you want to include in your service interface. Each interface field corresponds to a CICS screen, IMS screen, or COMMAREA field.

Interface fields are automatically mapped to the originating field; its direction is set based on the direction of the originating field as follows:

Direction of the originating field Direction of the interface field
Input Input
Input/Output Input
Output Output

Interface fields created using any method other than drag and drop are set to Input by default.

You can change the direction of interface fields to suit the purposes of the service interface.

A full service interface is comprised of all of the interface fields for all of the defined operations combined, in two groups – input and output. They are ordered first by the order of operations and second by the field order in each operation.