Known Issues and Restrictions

  • Expressions on variable watchpoints and line breakpoints support only single quotes, i.e., double quotes are not supported.
  • When a ZERODIVIDE is triggered on a 32-bit Windows platform, the PLIDUMP shows an invalid stack frame.
  • Watchpoint support is only available in Visual Studio 2019.
  • Current hit count of breakpoints while running is not supported.
  • The Autos panel (variables in the current procedure) is not active in this release.
  • Variables of the same name that exist in multiple PL/I procedures might cause issues with the variable watchpoint functionality. This is due to a limitation of Visual Studio being unable to determine the scope of the variable at the time the watchpoint is set.
  • Only the GreaterThanEqualTo mode of HitCondition is supported in this release.
  • Activating debugger PL/I signal and condition handling will not be supported in the Visual Studio IDE. For a workaround, see Catching signals and PL/I conditions using environment variables.
  • Output actions on P/LI breakpoints are not supported.
  • The level of floating support in Micro Focus PL/I matches that of z/OS systems that have the IEEE setting specified. Micro Focus PL/I does not support the default HEXADEC floating point.