Where do I start: Developing Mainframe Applications in Enterprise Developer

Enterprise Developer enables you to develop, maintain and modernize applications directly on the mainframe or offload them and develop them under Windows. You can then deploy them either back onto the mainframe or onto an alternative server environment.

Enterprise Developer includes Mainframe Subsystem Support (MSS) - a facility that enables CICS, IMS and JCL applications that have been migrated from the mainframe to be maintained, developed and deployed on Windows or UNIX platforms.

This topic provides starting points for developers who need to get their application sources in Enterprise Developer, and edit, compile, and debug them. It provides tips on what and how to configure your applications that use COBOL or PL/I on the mainframe with CICS, JCL, or IMS subsystems.

A separate topic (click here) focuses on deploying mainframe applications to Micro Focus Enterprise Server which provides an alternative server environment to the mainframe that can be deployed to Windows, Linux, the Cloud and containers. It is aimed at an administrator or a deployer within your organization who will be setting up Enterprise Server regions, and maintaining the environment.

For help with how to use Visual Studio, see New to Visual Studio.

I want to developing mainframe applications in Enterprise Developer

The following topics provide guidance on how to create and configure an Enterprise Developer project for your existing sources, then debug and test your mainframe application before it's deployed to Enterprise Server.