Creating a .NET Core Project Using the Command Line

To use the command line to create a project for a COBOL application that is to be deployed to .NET Core you use the dotnet new command.

Important: Before creating a .NET Core project in this way for the first time you must perform an initialization step:
  • Install the .NET Core project templates

See the Related information for more information.

The dotnet new command can take a number of different options but the format for the most commonly-used options is as follows:

dotnet new template -lang "COBOL" --name project-name

where template is the type of project you want to create.

After running this command, the folder project-name is created, and in it are the various required project files and one or more template source files depending on the value you specified for template.


To see the possible values that you can specify for template, run the following command:

dotnet new --list -lang "COBOL"


To create a COBOL console application called COBOLConsoleAppForDotNet run the following command:

dotnet new console -lang "COBOL" --name COBOLConsoleAppForDotNet

Full information for the dotnet new command is available from Microsoft: .NET fundamentals - dotnet new.