Setting Compiler Options

You can set the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler options by using the ACUOPT Compiler directive, or from a command line utility.

This COBOL system supports many of the compiler options available with the ACUCOBOL-GT (Acu) compiler. To specify these options use the ACUOPT Compiler directive along with the traditional ACU compiler option name.

For example:




ACUOPT automatically sets the ACU directive, which turns on overall ACUCOBOL-GT compatibility.

NOACU or NOACUOPT are not allowed.

Alternatively, you can compile using a clone of the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler known as ccbl.exe . This executable is located in the bin directory found here: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer. ccbl.exe compiles to .int code unless you specify one of the ccbl's native code options, in which case it produces .gnt code.