The destination for trace data when tracing is activated:
  • Specify SYSPRINT to send print formatted trace output to the data set identified by the XDBOUT DD statement, normally a SYSOUT data set. Micro Focus recommends this setting during initial product testing and when you are performing controlled problem determination.
  • Specify GTF to trace a very active Mainframe Access that is processing a high transaction volume. Trace data collected by GTF is written to external storage (tape or DASD) in a raw data format while tracing is active. You can use IBM's IPCS (Interactive Problem Control System) to format the data for analysis after tracing has been completed. Trace records are sent to the console if GTF is not available when TRACE=GTF is specified.
  • Specify CONSOLE to send trace output to the system log and console (not recommended because of the large volume of messages).
Supported Values
Value Description
CONSOLE Send trace to system log.
GTF Send trace to GTF.
SYSPRINT Send trace to SYSPRINT identified by XDBOUT DD statement.