To add a folder to the project's Dependency Paths

When you first create a project, Enterprise Developer sets its COPYPATH directive(for copybooks), IMSCPY (for IMS copy files), SYSLIB (for Assembler macro files) or -IPATH (for PL/I files) to point to the project directory. Any of the subfolders of the project, however, are not automatically added to the locations being searched for copybooks, include or macro files. This may cause the build to fail if any these files are stored in the subfolders.

To ensure that the build will succeed, you must manually add any subfolder that includes either copybooks, include or macro files to the project's Dependency Paths. You can do this in one of the following ways:


  1. Open the project's properties and click the Dependency Paths tab.
  2. Set Type to the type of paths you want the folder added to - COBOL Copybook Paths, IMS Copy Paths or Assembler Macro Paths.
  3. Add the subfolder name to this tab and save the changes.