Launching the TN3270 Mainframe Display When Debugging Applications

Before you can start the TN3270 mainframe display specified in the IDE options, ensure that your project is associated with an enterprise server and that the server is running.

You can open the mainframe display when you start debugging the application or during debugging as follows:

  • If your project is the startup project - click Debug > Start Debugging.
  • If the project is not the startup project - right-click your project in Solution Explorer, and click Debug > Start new instance.
  • If debugging has already started but the display is not visible:
    • Click the mainframe TN3270 display icon, "", on the debug toolbar.
    • Click Debug > Windows > "" Mainframe TN3270 Display.
Note: When you open or close Rumba+ Desktop, you receive a notification that it creates a read-only temporary profile that does not save any changes.