Run the COMMWSWinApp and COMMWSClientApp Clients

Walks you through the process of using the Visual Studio debugger to run each generated client application and interact with the COMMWS Web service running on the enterprise server region.

Run the COMMWSWinApp client

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click COMMWSWinApp, and then click Debug > Start new instance.
  2. Enter the following in the fields indicated:
    Input Field Value
    InIntFld 12345
    InCompFld 12.34
    InDecFld 123.45
    InDispFld 1234
    InStringFld Greetings!
  3. Click Submit.
    The service returns the following:
    OutIntFld 12346
    OutCompFld 13.590000000
    OutDecFld 124.950000000
    OutDispFld 1244
    OutStringFld Greetings!
    SECCAOutString SECCA received: Greetings!

    OutGrpFld is a 5 by 3 array, represented in the interface as a grid. The each of the five rows in the grid represent a row in the array.

  4. To view some of the contents of the OutGrpFld grid, click + (plus sign) to expand one of the nodes; then click the associated link.

    The interface shows the contents of the three columns of the array.

  5. Click Exit.

Run the COMMWSClientApp client

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click COMMWSClientApp, and then click Debug > Start new instance.
  2. Press the Enter key three times to progress to the Operation field.
  3. Enter 1 to select COMMWSOperation.
  4. Enter the following in the fields indicated:
    Input Field Value
    InIntFld 0
    InCompFld 0
    InDecFld 0
    InDispFld 0
    InStringFld Add to zeros
    The service returns the following:
    Note: The results from the console client are formatted differently than the results from the Windows Forms client.
    OutIntFld: 000000000000000001+
    OutCompFld: 000000001250000000+
    OutDecFld: 000000001500000000+
    OutDispFld: 000000000000000010+
    OutStringFld: A bunch of zeros
    OutGrpFld[00001].individual_item_fld[00001]: 000000000000000100+
    OutGrpFld[00001].individual_item_fld[00002]: 000000000000000100+
    OutGrpFld[00001].individual_item_fld[00003]: 000000000000000100+
    OutGrpFld[00002].individual_item_fld[00001]: 000000000000000200+
    OutGrpFld[00002].individual_item_fld[00002]: 000000000000000200+
    OutGrpFld[00002].individual_item_fld[00003]: 000000000000000200+
    OutGrpFld[00003].individual_item_fld[00001]: 000000000000000300+
    OutGrpFld[00003].individual_item_fld[00002]: 000000000000000300+
    OutGrpFld[00003].individual_item_fld[00003]: 000000000000000300+
    OutGrpFld[00004].individual_item_fld[00001]: 000000000000000400+
    OutGrpFld[00004].individual_item_fld[00002]: 000000000000000400+
    OutGrpFld[00004].individual_item_fld[00003]: 000000000000000400+
    OutGrpFld[00005].individual_item_fld[00001]: 000000000000000500+
    OutGrpFld[00005].individual_item_fld[00002]: 000000000000000500+
    OutGrpFld[00005].individual_item_fld[00003]: 000000000000000500+
    SECCAOutString: SECCA received: Add to zeros