Export tab

Select All
Select all entries listed on the connections grid.
Unselect All
Unselect all entries listed on the connections grid.
The data source name you specified for the connection when you created it.
The type of database connection, SQL Server or DB2.
The last known status of the connection:
OK The connection is established and working properly
error-message The connection is established but is not working properly. Each connection type provides detailed information as to why the connection test failed.
Important: ODBC provider selection for SQL Server connections applies to System or User connections. Azure connections do not use ODBC connections. The "SQL Server" ODBC provider from Microsoft is an older provider that ships with Microsoft Windows and lacks certain features available in many newer Microsoft ODBC providers. As such, it is not shown in Manage Connections ODBC drop-down selectors. Microsoft ODBC provider versions provide support for particular versions of SQL Server. To help you select an appropriate ODBC provider, System requirements, installation, and driver files page on the Microsoft Web site.
Unknown Shows for newly created or imported connections when your HCOSS Automatically Test Connections option is set to False, and before you Refresh the connection for the first time
Export to file
The full path to and filename of an XML (.xml) file to which you want to save your connection information.
Export the selected connections.