Specifies a High-Level Qualifier (HLQ) for dynamically allocated data sets created by MFA Server to hold input files during the staging process. MFA Server creates these data sets dynamically as card-image sequential data sets that are deleted when the associated client request completes. The default qualifier is the login ID of the current user. You should set an alternate qualifier if your installation's SERNET does not have RACF authority to read or write data into files stored in data sets named with the current user's login ID as the HLQ.

If an alternate qualifier is required, see your ChangeMan administrator or your security administrator for assistance in selecting a proper value.

If your ChangeMan functionality is restricted by security subsystem authorizations, you might need to specify your dataset HLQ such that read access to the data sets is always permitted.

Note: As this specifies an HLQ, it must be limited to 8 characters in length.
Supported Values
Value Description
chgdsnqa A valid dataset HLQ.