Describes service interface operations created using the Interface Mapper.

Once you have initially created the service interface, you define its functionality by creating a series of operations. Generally, an operation performs a single function, and represents an interaction with a single screen or COMMAREA. In the Interface Mapper, you work with one operation at a time. One service interface typically contains multiple operations. Each operation generally references multiple interface fields. A full service interface is comprised of all of the interface fields for all of the operations combined, in two groups – input and output. They are ordered first by the order of operations and second by the field order in each operation.

For all mainframe-based service interfaces, a service driver program is generated that typically performs multiple operations within a single service execution. For example, you could define one operation for each screen that might be encountered during the execution of the service, or one for each COMMAREA program invoked.

The following topics explain the types of components available in the Interface Mapper to define the details of an operation: