Receive the software

In hlq.UPLOAD you now have a partitioned data set with 12 members. Each member except FRESTORE is a data set in transmit format. You need to execute TSO RECEIVE commands on the data sets to create the Mainframe Access data sets.

Member Description Received to
F1 The load module library for Mainframe Access server that needs to be APF authorized. hlq.MFA.LOADLIB
F2 Samples for Mainframe Access server. These include JCL for jobs to be run, JCL for started task procedures and parameter files. The members in this data set are referred to frequently in these configuration instructions. hlq.MFA.CNTL
F3 Translation tables used by Mainframe Access server. hlq.MFA.TABLES
F4 Product source and object files that you might need during setup of the Remote IMS Server feature. hlq.MFA.RIMS
F5 Contains REXX execs used for MFA TSO support, and includes AWM functions. hlq.MFA.EXEC
F6 ISPF message library belonging to the ISPF applications in EXEC. hlq.MFA.MSGS
F7 Optimized schema representation used for internal XML validation. hlq.MFA.OSR
F8 ISPF skeleton library belonging to the ISPF applications in EXEC. hlq.MFA.SKELS
F9 Sample models (PDS Explorer). hlq.MFA.XML
F10 Master configuration file. hlq.MFA.MASTER
F11 Sample programs. hlq.MFA.SAMPLIB
FRESTORE JCL to receive all other members.

On the mainframe, edit member FRESTORE in the upload library, hlq.UPLOAD. Follow the instructions in that member to customize the JCL and then submit that job to restore the product libraries from the uploaded files and populate your new product run-time libraries.

Note: After running the FRESTORE JCL, a number of CUSTOM data sets will be created as listed in the table below. These should be used to store any user customized members so that they are not overwritten by future installs or updates. These data sets have already been added to the template JCL that is shipped with the product and is customized later in this chapter.

You should ensure that when updating the product any data set or member that is customized is checked against the relevant one delivered with the product update. Any changes should be merged in as appropriate.

Dataset Description
hlq.MFA.CUSTOM.CNTL When customizing template JCL (MFA, MFAS, and so on) copy them here first before finally copying them to your PROCLIB.
hlq.MFA.CUSTOM.EXEC Any customization to existing EXEC members should be done here. This is already added to the SYSEXEC in the template JCL.
hlq.MFA.CUSTOM.MASTER When customizing HLQ.MF.MASTER it should be copied here first, then customized. You will also need to customize TAUZCAPP to point to this data set.
hlq.MFA.CUSTOM.SKELS Any customization to existing SKELS members should be done here. This is already added to the ISPSLIB in the template JCL.
hlq.MFA.CUSTOM.XML Any customisation to existing XML members should be done here.