To create a new package

  1. From the HCOSS Manage Packages and Plans tool, either create or open a bind script file.
  2. Click New Package.
  3. In the Collection Name field, type a name for the collection in which to store the package.
  4. Select an action. If you select Replace Version, type the version you want to replace into the corresponding field.
  5. From the Library Name drop-down list, select the library that contains the source member from which you want to create the package. The default is DBRMLIB.
  6. From the Member Name drop-down list, select the member you want to action.
  7. If you have a qualifier you would like to specify, type it into the Default Qualifier field.
  8. Click Execute. This generates a script command and places it onto the list of Bind Script Entries on the Bind Scripts tab.