To customize SQLCode mappings

  1. From the Customize SQLCode Mappings tool, click the SQLCode Mappings tab. HCOSS loads the SQLCode mappings found in the mfhcocds.txt file.
  2. To restore previous mappings from a backup file, click Restore (optional).
  3. To change the mappings, click any field on the grid and type in a new value. All values must be in valid SQLCode or SQLState value format.
  4. To add a new mapping, click the blank row at the bottom of the grid and type in a new value for each column.
    Note: Each time you click a field in the blank bottom row, a new blank row appears underneath to enable you to add another new mapping.
  5. To save your changes to the mfhcocds.txt file and create a backup file with the initial mappings, click Save.
  6. To deploy the changes to your SQL Server database (required when using SQL CLR stored procedures), click Deploy. This takes you to the Deploy / Extract tab.
  7. From the Data Source Name drop-down list, select the data source you want to update with the new mappings.
  8. Complete the User ID and Password fields only if required by your data source.
  9. Click Deploy to SS.
  10. To extract the SQLCode mapping information from the SQL Server database to a backup file, click Extract from SS (optional).