Set the DIALECT"RM" Compiler Directive for the Project

Set the DIALECT"RM" directive in the project's properties so that it applies to all programs within the project unless you explicitly override it at the program level.
  1. In Solution Explorer, double-click Properties, which is listed under the name of the project you created in the previous step.

    Properties entry in Solution Explorer

    A tabbed list of properties for the project appears.

  2. Select COBOL.

    The COBOL-specific project properties pane appears.

  3. In the COBOL dialect field, select RM/COBOL.
    Tip: If the project contains any variable or literal names that are considered reserved words, you can use the REMOVE Compiler directive to remove them from the reserved words list, thus allowing them to be used in the code: in Additional Directives, type REMOVE"<reserved-word>". Repeat this directive, separated by a space, for each <reserved-word>. If you are required to remove a number of reserved words, you could store each REMOVE directive in a directives file (e.g. rsvdwrds.dir), and then use the USE"rsvdwrds.dir" directive to apply the directives all at once. This method is ideal if you need to remove the same reserved words from more than one project.
  4. Click File > Save All to save the project.

    The RM/COBOL dialect is applied to any program within the project, unless that program overrides it by setting the DIALECT directive explicitly within the source code.

The next task is to add some RM/COBOL source code to the project.