HCO for SQL Server Compiler Directive Options for PL/I

Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments (local development) only.


To set an HCO for SQL Server compiler directive option for the PL/I compiler, use the following syntax:
mfplx pliProgName –sql odbc –optsql "SQLPrecompilerOption [...]" 

Recommended Options

We recommend that you set the following HCO for SQL Server compiler directive options for PL/I when emulating mainframe settings using SQL:

Note: Some of these options are specific to HCO for SQL Server, and some are available to both HCO for SQL Server and standard SQL.


Compile a batch program to qualify tables using the QUALIFIER directive:
mfplx TESTPGM.PLI –sql odbc –optsql "QUALIFIER=HCOSQL" -isuffix cblrtssi –nologo
Compiling, Linking, and Binding
Compile 3 subroutines with a main program that calls routines to object files so it can be linked and then bound:
mfplx defplan0.pli -sql odbc -optsql "DBRMLIB" -isuffix -f w –c
mfplx defplan1.pli -sql odbc -optsql "DBRMLIB" -isuffix -f w –c
mfplx defplan2.pli -sql odbc -optsql "DBRMLIB" -isuffix -f w –c
mfplx defplan3.pli -sql odbc -optsql "DBRMLIB" -isuffix -f w -c
Link object files:
ldpli defplan0.obj defplan1.obj defplan2.obj defplan3.obj cblrtssi -out:defplan0.exe
dsn system(hcodemo) @defplan0.hcodsn