Set Up the JCLSPG Enterprise Server Region

Walks you through the process of configuring the imported JCLSPG enterprise server region for use with this tutorial.

Start Enterprise Server Administration

  • On the Visual Studio Server Explorer, right-click Micro Focus Servers and then click Administration.

    This opens Enterprise Server Common Web Administration (ESCWA)

    in your default Web browser.
  • Alternatively, from a browser, type in your ESCWA URL. By default, this is http://localhost:10086. See To Start ESCWA for more information.

Add configuration information

In this section, you add an Enterprise Server environment variable, JCLPROJ, that points to your SPCall project subdirectory.

  1. In ESCWA, click NATIVE.
  2. In the navigation tab, expand Directory Servers > Default.
  3. Click JCLSP.

    This displays the GENERAL PROPERTIES page.

  4. In the Configuration Information field, add the following:
  5. Click APPLY.

Configure the CALLSP XA resource

Now you configure the CALLSP XA resource to point to the ESODBCXA.dll module:

  1. Click GENERAL > XA Resources.

    This displays the XA RESOURCES table.

  2. Click Edit in the row that corresponds to the CALLSP XA resource name.

    This opens the XA Resource Configuration dialog box.

  3. Ensure that the Module field is set to the absolute path for the ESODBCXA.dll file, which by default is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\src\enterpriseserver\xa\ESODBCXA.dll.
  4. If you are using SQL Server authentication for your ODBC connection, edit the Open string field to append the USRPASS parameter to the open string so that it reads as follows:
    DSN=SQLCLRTutorial, USRPASS=userid.password

    Where userid.password is the user ID and password used to log onto SQL Server.

    If you are using Windows authentication, skip this step.

  5. Click SAVE.
  6. You can now close ESCWA.