Configuration overview

There are two types of configuration tasks that you must complete before you can start and use Mainframe Access. These are:

The process of configuring Mainframe Access is separated into two distinct procedures. See Quick Configuration and Advanced Configuration Activities for more information.

Quick configuration is performed using the UpQuick instructions as indicated during the installation process. These configuration steps must be completed for all installations. Quick configuration takes care of all of the z/OS customization and many basic Mainframe Access customization. This quick configuration is the only Mainframe Access setup required for Mainframe Access Drag and Drop, SQL Option for DB2, and basic Mainframe Access Data Connect server functions.

Additional setup is required if:

The section on advanced configuration describes these additional customization.

If you have completed the installation process, including the UpQuick configuration steps, and if you are not going to use features that require additional setup, your configuration is complete.

If you have uploaded and restored the Mainframe Access data sets but you have not completed the UpQuick configuration, you should begin with the Quick Configuration topic.

If you have completed the configuration and testing of your basic Mainframe Access server and you need to customize for an advanced feature, you should continue at the Advanced Configuration Activities topic.