IMS Project Components

The components of an IMS project in Enterprise Developer consist of files you create or add to the project manually, and files generated when you build the project.

You should add the following existing IMS components to a new Enterprise Developer project, or create them in Enterprise Developer:
  • COBOL program(s)
  • Copybooks included by the COBOL program(s)
  • PSBs
  • DBDs
  • MFSs
You can optionally add the following files to your project:
  • .dbu file - Data from an unloaded IMS database, created using the IMSDBU unload command.
  • dbdname.dat - An IMS database file.
After building an IMS project, Enterprise Developer adds some or all of the following generated files to the project, depending on your project property settings and the component types in the project. Some of the files are run-time files needed to execute a transaction, and some are informational files, such as listing files. The location of these files is determined by the settings specified in your project properties:
Run-time Files
Run-time files required to execute IMS transactions:
  • .dll or .exe - Compiled form of a COBOL program.
  • psbname.acb - Compiled form of a PSB.
  • dbdname.acb - Compiled form of a DBD.
  • psbgen3.dat - An index file generated from PSBs in the project, specially formatted for faster run-time execution. It can contain one or more PSB members.
  • dbdgen2.dat, and dbdgen2f.dat - An index file generated from DBDs in the project, specially formatted for faster run-time execution. It can contain one or more DBD members.
  • imsgen2.dat - Compiled form of the IMS transaction definitions.
  • .mid, .mod, .dif and .dof - Generated MFS files.
Note: To successfully run a deployed IMS application in Enterprise Server, you must set the ES_ACBLIB, ES_IMSLIB, and ES_MFSLIB environment variables to point to the directories that contain your run-time files. See IMS-Specific Environment Variables for more information.
Informational Files
These files are not required for running transactions. They contain information about generated files.
  • .lst - information from PSB, DBD, and MFS generation.
  • .mfsx - Lists all of the MFS run-time files, .mid, .mod, .dif and .dof, created during MFS generation.
Other Files
.tlog - Log files created when IMS Forward Recovery has been enabled. You must preserve these files to successfully execute an IMS Forward Recovery.