Issuing COBOL Calls from within SQL CLR Stored Procedures

When using Enterprise Developer, SQL CLR stored procedures are comprised of at least two projects:

To successfully issue a COBOL call to a routine from within a SQL CLR stored procedure, do either of the following:

If you decide to use distinct projects for your stored procedure and called COBOL routines, please be aware of the following:

CALLs by data-name and CALLs by literal (without project references) can only execute properly if the assembly that contains the called routine has been loaded. Use one of these methods to load the assembly:
  • In the stored procedure code, before issuing the call, pre-load the called routine's project assembly by setting a corresponding PROCEDURE-POINTER. Do not include a .dll extension in the name.
  • Be sure that the name of the called routine's project assembly matches the name of the called routine.