Authorizing your product when you have an Internet connection

  • This topic only applies if you have an authorization code. Authorization codes are only available with Sentinel RMS licensing.
  • It is not possible to install licenses remotely. You must be logged into the machine on which you are installing the licenses.

The following procedure describes how to authorize your product using a local or network license server. The license server is set up automatically when you first install the product.

To use the GUI Micro Focus License Administration

  1. Start Micro Focus License Administration.
  2. Click the Install tab.
  3. Type the authorization code in the Enter authorization code field.
  4. Click Authorize.

If you change the name of the machine running your license server after it has granted licenses, the licenses stop working.

To use the command-line Micro Focus License Administration tool

  1. Start the command-line Micro Focus License Administration tool.
  2. Select the Online Authorization option by entering 1 and pressing Enter.
  3. Enter your authorization code at the Authorization Code prompt and then press Enter.