Issues with Building Applications

Parallel Compile

  • Multi-processor compilation of the sources in a project is only available for native COBOL applications. It, however, should be avoided for native Object-Oriented COBOL applications.
  • If, after upgrading to this version of Enterprise Developer for Visual Studio, you start receiving unexpected build errors when compiling an existing multi-project solution, this may be a result of parallel project builds. The following are examples of issues that might be causing these errors:
    • Using file references to project outputs in the same solution. You need to use project-to-project references instead.

      Use Project > Project Dependencies to manage the project dependencies and build order within your solution.

    • A customized build process such as one that is using pre- or post- build events.

    If resolving these issues does not resolve the build errors, consider disabling the parallel build support. To do this, click Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > Build and Run and set the maximum number of parallel project builds to 1.

    For more details about building projects in parallel in Visual Studio or using MSBuild from the command line, see the Visual Studio help.

  • Parallel builds are not supported with Mainframe Subsystem COBOL projects.