OpenESQL Date and Time Environment Variables

The OpenESQL date and time environment variables enable conversion of NLS date and time formats to equivalent .NET date and time formats. Set one or more of these variables when migrating a Pro*COBOL application to OpenESQL with ADO.NET, and when using the fully managed Oracle provider. For complete information on this scenario, see Migrating Pro*COBOL Applications to OpenESQL with ADO.NET.

set ESQL_ADO_EnvVar="dot-NET-pattern"
ESQL_ADO_EnvVar dot-NET-pattern
ESQL_ADO_DATE_FORMAT dot-NET-date-pattern
ESQL_ADO_TIME_FORMAT dot-NET-time-pattern
ESQL_ADO_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT dot-NET-timestamp-pattern
ESQL_ADO_TIMESTAMP_TZ_FORMAT dot-NET-timestamp-with-timezone-pattern

To determine the appropriate .NET pattern for your NLS settings, see the Microsoft .NET documentation for standard and custom date and time formatting strings.

Tip: In most Windows operating systems, some .NET patterns are defined and listed on the control panel's Region and Language dialog box in the Date and time formats group.
  • Because Oracle Pro*COBOL NLS patterns are not always the same as .NET patterns, take great care in defining your .NET patterns
  • Not all Oracle NLS formats have identical .NET pattern representations