BINSTORAGE Emitter Properties

Writes to Microsoft Azure table storage in binary format.

Before you can view the trace files output by the BINSTORAGE emitter you download them from Microsoft Azure table storage to a local file using the ctfazure utility. Once you have done this you can view the local file using the CTFViewer utility.

To enable the BINSTORAGE emitter, specify the following statement in the Consolidated Tracing Facility configuration file:

mftrace.dest = binstorage

The following list shows the properties you can set to control the behavior of the BINSTORAGE emitter:

The name of the Microsoft Azure storage account to be used. The names of the storage accounts you have created can be found in the "Storage Accounts" section of the Microsoft Azure management portal.

Default: None

The Microsoft Azure storage access key. When a storage account is selected in the "Storage Accounts" section of the Microsoft Azure management portal, its associated primary and secondary access keys are displayed in the Properties window.

Default: None

The name of the table where trace events are to be written.

Default: MicroFocus0CTF0Binary0Storage