Tutorials: Calling SQL CLR Stored Procedures in an SPD File

Includes tutorials that guide you through the process of calling SQL Server SQL CLR stored procedures defined in a Stored Procedure Definition (SPD) file generated using the HCOSS Generate SPD File tool.
Note: The SPD file used in these tutorials is included in the provided demonstration files. You do not generated the file as you complete the tutorials. For more information about SPD files and the HCOSS Generate SPD File tool, see Generate SPD File tool .


Review the Assumptions and Before you begin a tutorial sections in the Tutorials: HCO for SQL Server (HCOSS) topic to ensure your environment is set up properly.


You must work through Tutorial: Prepare the SQL CLR Environment before proceeding to another SQL CLR stored procedures tutorial. However, the two SQL CLR stored procedures tutorials are not interdependent and may be done in any order: