Example: Using a Command File to Set Locations

The following command file configures the following project file locations:

  • The assembler reads all assembler source code files from the \mlclib directory.
  • The assembler looks for all macro and copyfiles from directory \maclib and \copylib
  • Linker input files, .LIN, are taken from \linlib
  • Output files such as .BAL files are written to \worklib
  • Object files are written to \loadlib
  • Listings are written to \listing
rem *--------------------------------------------------------------------------
rem * Tell the assembler where to find all input files:
rem *
rem * MLC's from SYSIN
rem * MAC's and CPY's from SYSLIB
rem * LIN files from SYSLIN
rem * OBJ files are both input (by the linker) and output (by the assembler)
rem *     so OBJ file locations are set by SYSLIN
rem *
set SYSIN=.\mlclib
set SYSLIB=.\maclib;.\copylib
set SYSLIN=.\linlib
rem *--------------------------------------------------------------------------
rem * Tell the assembler where to write all output files.
rem *
rem * BAL/IDF/IDX files are output to SYSWORK if specified
rem * LISTING files go to SYSLIST
rem * 390 files go to SYSLMOD
rem *
set SYSLMOD=.\loadlib
rem *
rem *  Now try an assembly and a link
rem *  Note the use of the BAL assembler option to get the
rem *  assembler to produce a TEST.BAL file.  The .BAL file
rem *  should go into the SYSWORK= directory
rem *
run mm370asm test.mlc bal noanim
run mf370lnk test noanim 
rem *