IMS Database Editor Basics

Introduces you to the main window in the IMS Database Editor, and takes you through the processes of browsing segment occurrences in the IMS database.

Start the IMS Database Editor

Here you start the IMS Database Editor, which shows formatted data for the first of two default segment layouts you created in the previous tutorial, with the key fields highlighted in red.

  • In the Solution Explorer, right-click the DEMO03DD DBD file; then select Edit Database from the context menu.

This starts the Micro Focus Data File Tools utility with the DBD file opened in it.

Note: If the right pane of the IMS Database Editor is obscured, reveal it by dragging the vertical bar located at the far right of the window leftwards across the window. Similarly, if the Tree view is obscured, drag the bottom of the DBD window downwards to reveal it.

Explore the IMS Database Editor window

All of the components of the IMS Database Editor main window are shown and described in the topic IMS Database Editor window. Study that topic to become familiar with each component and the functionality it provides.

Browse through segment occurrences

To browse through segment occurrences from your current database position to the end of the database:

  1. To make sure you are positioned at the start of the database, click Move to start of database icon on the IMS Database Editor toolbar.

    The Current Segment Arrow Current Segment icon is pointing to DEMOHDRS.

  2. Right-click in the Tree view and select Start browse from the context menu.

    A browse window opens in the left pane, showing a list of segment occurrences starting from your current position at the start of the database. The right pane shows formatted data for the Test Department table that corresponds to the selection in the left pane.

  3. In the left pane, click JANE JONES.

    The right pane updates to show formatted data for Jane Jones.

    Note: When you double-click a segment occurrence in the Browse window, you change your current position in the database to that segment occurrence.
  4. Double-click JANE JONES.

    The Browse window closes. In the Tree view, the Current Segment Arrow Current Segment icon has moved to DEMOELES.