WebSphere MQ Configuration

To use Enterprise Server MQ listeners and writers, you must configure WebSphere MQ Queue Manager to include an input queue and an output queue, and optionally an initiation queue:

Input Queue
This queue receives IMS transaction requests from your originating application.
Output Queue
This queue receives messages from the IMS application running on Enterprise Server.
Initiation Queue (optional)
If your queue manager in WebSphere MQ has a defined initiation queue, WebSphere MQ notifies that initiation queue when a message arrives at an input queue defined for the same queue manager. If you create your MQ listener in Enterprise Server to listen to an initiation queue rather than an input queue, Enterprise Server dynamically creates a listener for each input queue that receives a message. This can provide an advantage if your IMS application running on Enterprise Server is required to process messages from multiple input queues.

For complete information on creating and configuring MQ queues, see your IBM WebSphere MQ documentation.