The following parameters of this DFSORT control statement are supported in MFSORT and MFJSORT:

         V                                    |
           +-E35-+       +-,-.---.-.----.-+       +-HILEVEL=YES-+
                             +-s-+ +-,e-+

In this COBOL system, the following parameter fields for this control statement are only parsed and ignored:

Parameter Fields

(E18=n, m, [s] [e])+[HILEVEL=YES]

(E39=n, m, [s] [e])+[HILEVEL=YES]

Use the following table as a guide to help you understand the options that are ignored:

Symbol Meaning
(...) Options within these brackets are required.
[...] Options with these brackets are optional.
+ This symbol follows a set of required or optional brackets to indicate that more than one option can be specified, delimited by a comma.
| This symbol delimits options enclosed in required or optional brackets, to indicate a choice from these options.