Substitutes SQL Server save point operations for COMMIT and ROLLBACK when building both client applications and stored procedures.
Restriction: Applies to .NET applications only.




Default: None


Used at compile time: Yes
Behavior at run time: Source file

See Scope - SQL Compiler Directive Options for more information.


SQLCLRTRANS automatically sets the save point to MF__SAVEPOINT, and in all transactions, OpenESQL assumes that this is the name of the save point.

Uncommited work is rolled back when a stored procedure returns to the calling application unless the stored procedure was built with SPCOMMITONRETURN.

Database locks are not released until the calling application performs a COMMIT or a ROLLBACK.

If the client application is written in a language other than COBOL, then it should also execute the SQL Server statement save transaction MF__SAVEPOINT at the start of every transaction (i.e., after every COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement) and when turning AUTOCOMMIT mode off.