Compiling Assembler Programs for Debugging

Restriction: The MFASM debugger is unable to open a window for debugging on any enterprise server region started via ESCWA, as Microsoft has permanently disabled access to the user desktop from any application started in the background and owned by "SYSTEM".

Before you can debug an Assembler program, you must compile it for debugging either in the IDE or from the command line. The compiler generates an Assembler .390 file.

Compiling from the IDE
Before you compile your Assembler module from the IDE, be sure that the Create debug information property is set on the Compiler tab of the Assembler page in the project properties or on the General page in the program properties. This is the default. The resulting filename.390 file is placed in the build output directory for the project.
Compiling from the Command Line
From a 32-bit Enterprise Developer command prompt, change to the directory that contains your Assembler module; then enter the following command:
run mm370asm filename ANIM [otherDirectives];
where filename is the name of your Assembler module, and otherDirectives can be any additional Assembler compiler directive options as required. The resulting filename.390 file is placed in the current directory.

Note that, if you are compiling for debugging from the command line and later rebuild the application from within the IDE, the debugging information produced from compiling from the command line is deleted if the IDE is not configured to produce it as well.