Choosing a TN3270 Mainframe Display

You can specify in the IDE which mainframe display to use by default.
  1. In the IDE, click Tools > Options.
  2. Expand Micro Focus Tools, and click TN3270 Display.
  3. Ensure that Enable Display is checked.

    If you leave this unchecked, you can still execute your application but no display is available when you run or debug the application.

  4. Click one of the options to specify the integrated TN3270 display to use:
    • Rumba (Embedded) - click this to use the embedded Rumba+ Desktop display when running or debugging applications. Specify whether the session should connect automatically. Enabled by default.

      This option is only available if you have installed Rumba+ Desktop 9.5 or 10.1.

    • Rumba (Desktop) - click this to use a mainframe session of Rumba when running or debugging applications. When you The IDE launches Rumba+ Desktop, if it is not already open, and starts the application in a mainframe session. The session connects to the server automatically when you open the display to run the application or when you start debugging.

      This is the default option if you have installed a version of Rumba+ Desktop earlier than 9.5 or 10.1.

    • External - click this to use a TN3270 mainframe emulator other than Rumba.
  5. Click OK.
    Note: It is not possible to modify these settings while debugging.