Upgrading from Studio Enterprise Edition (Windows)

Studio Enterprise Edition (Windows) used Visual Studio 2008. You upgrade projects created with it to Enterprise Developer for Visual Studio.

Moving your existing applications to Enterprise Developer

Studio Enterprise Edition (Windows) uses Visual Studio 2008. You can open any solutions created with it in Enterprise Developer and the newer version of Visual Studio handles the conversion:

  1. Open your COBOL solution created with Visual Studio 2008 in Enterprise Developer.

    This starts the Review Project and Solution Changes wizard that will upgrade the project to the most recent format supported by the version of Visual Studio installed with Enterprise Developer.

  2. Click OK to confirm.

    Visual Studio performs a one-way upgrade of the projects in the solution and loads it inside the IDE. A migration report is also displayed in your browser.

  3. You might see an Update COBOL Project Properties dialog box offering to update any additional directives with project properties. It is recommended to review and accept the suggested changes.

    Micro Focus recommends you set Compiler directives using the project's properties and not using the additional directives field to help avoid some unexpected build issues. For example, if additional directives included the LIST() directive, the conversion removes it and enables the Generate listing file project's property. Enterprise Developer includes more project property equivalents of Compiler directives and includes the wizard you see to help you move any directives specified in additional directives to the properties of the project.

  4. Check the report for any errors and warnings.
  5. Build your project to ensure it compiles cleanly.
  6. You can continue to maintain and develop your application in Enterprise Developer. See the New Features section in the Enterprise Developer help for information about the features it offers.