Samples Browser

Samples Browser provides quick access to all samples shipped with your COBOL development system. We provide two Samples Browsers: Mainframe Samples Browser for mainframe code samples, and Visual COBOL Samples Browser for distributed applications samples.

For instructions on accessing either Samples Browser, see To start the Samples Browser.

The Samples Browser Interface

  • If you have started the Visual COBOL Samples browser, click the drop-down field to filter the samples shown by native code only, .NET COBOL code only, and Dialog System only.
  • The pane on the left lists the categories of samples.
  • The central pane lists the demonstration programs for each category.
  • Click on a sample in the list to preview its readme in the bottom pane.
  • Click Open sample in Visual Studio nnnn to load the sample in Visual Studio so you can build and experiment with it.
  • Click Open sample folder to open the directory containing the files of the sample in Windows Explorer.

The Samples Browser Demonstration

You can explore the code of the application as Samples Browser is also provided as a demonstration program in the Samples folder (%PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\Samples).

See the following for how to build the Samples Browser project in the Samples and how to add it as a menu command to the Visual Studio Tools menu: