Detailed Trace

Use the GTFOPT=ALL option to obtain a detailed trace.

Here is a detailed trace of the last section of code starting with BALR at instruction count CFEB in the default trace example in section Default Trace. Options GTFOPT=ALL and GTFIMIN=0000CFEB were used to obtain this trace:

GTF option GTFFILE =D:\MFUSER\CONFIG\GTF.LOG                          
GTF option GTFOPT  =ALL                                               
GTF option GTFIMIN =0000CFEB                                          
GTF option GTFIMAX =FFFFFFFF                                          
GTF option GTFAMIN =00000000                                          
GTF option GTFAMAX =FFFFFFFF                                          
GTF trace file DATE=000114 TIME=09370586
0000CFEB 81022160 BALR     05F0        
0000CFEC 81022162 ICM      BF08F00D    
0000CFED 81022166 LA       41F0F00E    
0000CFEE 8102216A SVC      0A27        
0000CFEF 8102216C BCR      07FE        
0000CFF0 8101DBFA L        58D0D004    
0000CFF1 8101DBFE L        58E0D00C    
0000CFF2 8101DC02 BCR      07FE        
0000CFF3 8101CAEC L        58E0B092    
0000CFF4 8101CAF0 BCR      07FE        
0000CFF5 8101C864 BAS      4DE0B3B4    
0000CFF6 8101CB7A ST       50E0B092    
0000CFF7 8101CB7E CLC      D501300AB484
0000CFF8 8101CB84 BC       4770B40C    
0000CFF9 8101CB88 L        5860B446    
0000CFFA 8101CB8C BAL      4500B3D2    
0000CFFB 8101CB98 SVC      0A09        
0000CFFC 8101CB9A LTR      12FF        
0000CFFD 8101CB9C BC       4770B412    
0000CFFE 8101CBA0 L        5810B4B6    
0000CFFF 8101CBA4 L        5890B4BE    
0000D000 8101CBA8 L        5860B442    
0000D001 8101CBAC LR       1809        
0000D002 8101CBAE LH       48F0B3EE    
0000D003 8101CBB2 BC       47000003    
0000D004 8101CBB6 SVC      0A78        
0000D004 8101CBB8 FREEMAIN  LOC=  00010EC8 LEN=  00000359
0000D005 8101CBB8 LTR      12FF        
0000D006 8101CBBA BC       4770B412    
0000D007 8101CBBE L        5810B4D6    
0000D008 8101CBC2 LH       48F0B4D2    
0000D009 8101CBC6 LA       4120B49A    
0000D00A 8101CBCA LH       4830B482    
0000D00B 8101CBCE SR       1B55        
0000D00C 8101CBD0 MVCL     0E24        
0000D00D 8101CBD2 L        58E0B092    
0000D00E 8101CBD6 BCR      07FE        
0000D00F 8101C868 L        58D0B04E    
0000D010 8101C86C ST       50FD0010    
0000D011 8101C870 LM       98ECD00C    
0000D012 8101C874 BCR      07FE        
0000D013 80000860 SVC      0A00        
GTF trace file DATE=000114 TIME=09375776